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Great medicines make great investments, and Casdin Capital invests in all aspects of today’s Life Sciences revolution.

The companies we work with are putting to use the incredible knowledge base unlocked by the accelerating capability to read and manipulate molecular information. Spanning Healthcare, Biotechnology, Synthetic Biology, and Technology, our sector is dynamic and complex.

Casdin Capital approaches this space by partnering with companies and building positions to create value and open new opportunities. Big returns require patience and persistence, and strong relationships. Due to decades of participation and practice, Casdin Capital is among the few expert investors in the field. Yet our basic formula remains the same: Take aim at big markets; Invest in great ideas and great teams; Stay focused; Avoid hubris.



Molecular Medicine is the future of modern Healthcare

And the advances and products we are invested in represent a paradigm shift that is already moving markets. New diagnostic platforms will continue to expand the ability to identify patients earlier and at a molecular level. Physicians increasingly can target disease with more effective precision-based therapies and leverage molecular-based approaches transforming the morbidity and mortality of disease. The speculation phase is over and the impact will be game-changing, underpin every aspect of care, rapidly changing traditional business models. Casdin Capital knows the space, and who will be empowered and who will ultimately be disrupted.

Our Focus

Providers, Services, Payers



Genomics is a free-market success story based on the unlocking of the human genome,

making the early promise of Biotechnology a reality. The tools and data now underlie the next generation of great medicines. With its remarkable benefit to society, a direct result of partnerships between the science and investment communities, life-saving medicines and profit will never be mutually exclusive. It’s been an exciting ride so far. And it has only just begun.

Our Focus

Life Science Tools, Diagnostics, Drug Developers


Synthetic Biology

Healthcare is not the only application for the key advances in genetic engineering.

Genomics is embedded in the most significant current approaches to increasing food production, disease resistance livestock, and sustainable production of materials and specialty chemicals. While these advances will soon underpin areas like the global food supply, Casdin Capital is well-versed in the current ethical and scientific concerns, particularly around genetically modified foods (GMOs). The ways forward are not uncomplicated, but Life Sciences must be part of the solution to the growing demand for food and the new environmental challenges that face us all.

Our Focus

Agriculture, Live Stock Management, Synthetic Biology, Specialty Chemicals



In Life Sciences, Information is King.

At Casdin Capital, we invest in information platforms whose processing power and data analysis unlock the blueprint for all life. Our approach is simple: Carefully fund, through strategic investments and private partnerships, companies innovating from the numbers and turning them into meaningful products. The data-driven revolution in health care continues, and the era of precision medicine, its transformations, and its disruptions, is already changing modern medicine across the globe. Casdin Capital, uniquely positioned at the crossroads where the science and investment communities meet, is one of the industry’s few seasoned, trusted partners.

Our Focus

Capturing, Storing, Processing Data

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Great investing begins with great people, whose Passion and Dedication, Integrity and Intellectual Curiosity, Market Savvy and Client Commitment drives our success.

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